Why Do the Saint Hubert Religious Pray at Altars Full of Vomit?

Throughout man’s history, superstition lurks around, during periods of uncertainty, anxiety, times of celebration as well as in the ordinary daily lives doing ordinary chores or at special events.

This has prompted man to devise ways St Hubert Medal for Sale and means, rational or irrational, to safeguard outward manifestation of deep-seated anxieties. Superstitious beliefs have no scientific explanation. These are not based on logical or scientific reasoning.

The word superstition is related to the Latin word superstes. Among its meanings is outliving or surviving ideas that live on after its source have long been gone.

Some superstitious beliefs have been observed before man discovered science to unravel the very nature of living things that lends rationality to man’s way of thinking and behavior.

Superstition holds man in Saint Hubert amazement, in awe to an unknown power or influence. Some believe this influence can be dangerous, threatening or even capricious. Man finds this unexplainable nature of its influence or power tantalizing and intriguing.

Among the goals of dedicated 19th century missionaries was to rescue pagan “savages” from superstitious barbarism. Although most countries where these missionaries came from have their own superstitious beliefs.

Should we dismiss superstitious beliefs since there are no scientific explanations to their existence? Is superstition a mere erroneous observation and absurd belief and should be discarded?

Why does superstition carry on from generation to generation?


As we live on to the 21st century, a broken mirror can send one into an anxiety panic … seven years of bad luck or disaster or death – who needs this. An interesting explanation is that the reflected image on the mirror is the ” alter ego” or other soul. The reflected image on the broken mirror can cause harm to the soul. There is an old anatomical myth that the body undergoes through a complete physical renewal every seven years. At the end of the seven years the bad luck can be over.

There is supposed to be an antidote to end this bad luck-it is believed that burying the shattered pieces on the ground or floating the broken pieces in a stream or body of water that flows South can prevent disaster from happening.

Actors have their own version of superstition. Most are careful that no one looks over their shoulder while they are looking at the mirror in their dressing room.

Walking under a ladder

Surely you’ve heard of this, with construction going on all the time. It is believed that the fear of walking under a ladder is a reminder of the terror of the gallows where a ladder was propped up against a tree.