The Story of How I Met My Boyfriend

This is a post that I’ve been dreading sharing for quite some time. It’s actually been sitting in my draught box for weeks now, yearning to see the light of day, and now it’s finally getting the attention it deserves. There are going to be trolls who find my blog and say things like, “How dare you betray your “superior” white race,” “You’re dirty for dating an Asian,” and a whole bunch of other racist shit that comes out of their assholes when I write about interracial relationships. I know this because I’ve been in an interracial relationship myself. There comes a shocking revelation: I am only half white, if you can call Italian “white,” and the other half is home to a furious Latina who is ready to take a swing at those who make racist remarks. Just give it a go, friend, and you’ll brighten my day.

When I met Aaron, I was at a position where I had accepted my single status in Japan as permanent, and I only had 7 months left in the country (and I couldn’t wait to go out). I had just been informed that my contract would not be renewed, and I was making preparations for my next move, which would be Korea. After doing some research on the internet, I decided to use a language exchange service called Interpals to trade languages. Some individuals have terrifying tales to tell; I, on the other hand, do not. After reading love messages for boyfriend, I got a more realistic and generalized idea the happenings in love and boyfriends.

As an example, consider the following: I did not use this website to find a date, as so many other individuals did. I was hoping to meet some new people and learn some Korean before I moved. It was the first time I came across my boyfriend’s profile on the internet, and it implied that he was fluent in English and that he would be leaving Australia shortly since his working holiday visa was due to expire. I didn’t send him a message. Because Aaron seemed to appreciate my appearance, he probably checked my profile and waited for me to write him a message. I didn’t message him since I didn’t understand how to utilise the site properly.

My thanks to him for becoming impatient and messaging me since it began our five-month contact, which included his relocation from Australia back to his native Korea. I informed Aaron I wanted to meet him a week before my birthday, and he agreed. He inquired as to whether I was truly, deeply interested, and I responded affirmatively. He boarded an aircraft two days after my birthday, and I saw him for the first time at Naha International Airport’s International Terminal, where we exchanged greetings.

When I first met Aaron, I was unsure of what to make of him. I felt like a deer caught in the headlights (in my brain because I was totally cool on the outside). Then there was this man who decided to jump the broom and go all the way from Korea to meet me in Japan. OH-EM-GEE. What really is life? I’m not sure what I’m doing with my life. It feels like life is striking me over the head as it always has. This was insane, impetuous, and insanely right at the same time, all at the same moment.

That long weekend in June is one of my favourite weekends of the year. We spent our time together as any other couple would, holding hands, going on dates, and visiting my favourite location on the planet—the beach. I showed him the culture of Okinawa, which I find to be quite fascinating. We went to Kokusai Dori, ate Okinawa soba, licked our hands clean of melting beni imo ice cream, and I played my sanshin for him while he was there. In Okinawa, I taught him how to float and swim, and we waded together in the warm blue waters of the island. My guard had been down. I recognised that he was unique, and I even allowed myself to develop affections for him. Aaron, it goes without saying, felt the same way.

I’ve found my wacky crime-fighting sidekick, and I’m keeping him. Aaron doesn’t simply sit back and observe my bizarre actions; he actively engages in them. He’s also the only one that ever laughs at my lousy jokes, and believe me when I say that they’re terrible. I’ve met someone with whom I can open up about my secrets and enjoy a good troll. After all, people that troll together tend to stick together, don’t you think?

Even though my boyfriend’s English was excellent when we first met, his English has significantly improved since we began dating. We have our differences, as does every inter-cultural marriage, and we both have a tendency to test one other’s tolerance from time to time. As a direct person (hate me or love me, it doesn’t affect my life), he loves my forthrightness, which is a good thing considering his inability to communicate well. We can’t communicate in this manner since it would be misunderstood by the other party. Both of us must be very specific about what we want, and I am quite thankful for that. In any situation, dating is a game, but the rules appear to change when two people from different nations get together. The basic line is that we don’t engage in game-playing. For as wonderful as his English is and as hard as I try to learn Korean, we will never be able to communicate effectively if we want our relationship to succeed.

Interestingly, I find myself falling for Korea via him, and falling for him through Korea in the process. However, allow me to put the record straight. I don’t like Korea because of Aaron, and I don’t like Korea because of Aaron. Those two things are distinct, but they interact in a way that is similar to one another. I get to experience the most beautiful elements of Korea via him, and it makes me even more motivated to learn his language so that I can communicate with him more effectively. Aaron sees his home through my eyes as I explore, enjoy, and stray from the norm in Korea. Aaron adds such a positive energy to my life, and I am looking forward to seeing where our partnership will lead us. “I’d been waiting a long time for him,” I told one of my closest friends in the United States. (It’s been four years, to be accurate.) Aaron, what was it that took you so long? hehe)

I feel liberated and at ease when I’m around Aaron. Aaron does not attempt to shape me into the person he believes I should be; rather, he encourages me to be the greatest version of myself. He enjoys travelling, eating, and exploring in the same way that I do. He enjoys making me laugh with his jokes and taunting me. When I’m with Aaron, I don’t feel like I’m in a cage. He listens (for the most part), comes to my aid when I am in trouble, and waits patiently, and I do the same for him. If I walk out and do my own thing, he doesn’t seem to mind since he is just as self-sufficient as I am. (On the other hand, it’s excellent that we enjoy mountain climbing and other such activities.) I tracked down my best friend and travelled halfway around the world to complete the task. I believe I have finally discovered my real-life Tuxedo Mask, if that is even possible.