4 of the Best Review Widgets to guarantee a healthy online reputation

Reviews play a major role in whether or not people choose to purchase something. Reviews directly affect how many people will, or won’t, buy your product, service, or company. It is very important that you get reviews for your product or business on all of the leading review sites. Whether it’s Yelp, TripAdvisor, Amazon, etc. They all have a major impact on the success of your business or product, which is why it is vital that you get as many reviews as possible from these sites.

Review widgets for websites are an efficient way to integrate review functionality into your website, with minimal effort needed on your part. Integrating a feature like this can increase the chances of a customer writing a review about your products or service, making them more likely to recommend you to people they know. Review widgets come in different forms and have different features, so let’s dive in and take a look at some of the best ones out there:


  1. Yotpo is one of the leading review widget providers in the world today. It has a great way for users to write reviews, which makes it easy for them to do so (the easier you make it for people to leave reviews about your product or business, the more likely they are to). They also have an app that allows you to take pictures of your satisfied customers and ask them if they would like to submit a review about their experience with your company/product. This provides insightful information for potential customers reading reviews on your website, giving them an insider’s perspective into what it’s like shopping with your store. Another feature offered by Yotpo is the ability for businesses/websites to act as affiliate marketers-helping you sell products through your site. Yotpo takes a smaller percentage than other review providers when it comes to affiliate marketing, which is why they are generally the preferred partner for websites looking to use this feature.
  2. ReviewPro is a review widget that allows you to integrate Google Rich Snippets into your website, which enhances the appearance of your product page in the eyes of search engines . By enhancing your product pages with this feature, Search Engines will now have more valuable information about your website and business, giving you a better chance of appearing more prominently in search results. ReviewPro also has a feature called “Granular Control,” which allows you to select which reviews are shown on your page rather than just showing all of them, allowing more control over the information that potential customers are being presented with.


3.iTao is another review widget that lets you integrate Google Rich Snippets into your website. It also has a feature that allows you to authorize users with Google Play accounts to review and rate your app on their own, and then easily share it through social media. This feature is great for improving the number of reviews that appear on your listing, as well as helping spread awareness about your app through different social networks. iTao also has a feature called “Post-Click Rate” which lets you display some information about your app on the web page before someone presses the download button, giving them more context about what to expect when they do press that download button.

4. Ydentity is another review widget that can integrate into your website and help with SEO, specifically for an Ecommerce SEO company. Ydentity requires that customers write reviews on your website before they are allowed to download your app. This is an effective way of increasing the number of reviews that appear on your page, as people are less likely to leave a review if there are none there for them to see. Having said this, you should make sure that you already have a sufficient volume of reviews for potential customers to see before you allow them to download your app. Ydentity also has an in-app messaging feature that lets you communicate with your users after they’ve installed your app, increasing the chances that they will leave a review about it on your website.